Celebrating Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

By Stephanie Reidy, April 16, 2017

Loving God,

Today we are celebrating resurrection, and we are able see rebirth all around us. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing their return.

Help us feel the renewal within ourselves; show us how to bloom and to sing like this natural beauty you have given us. For those who have had a dark winter, we pray that the new light of spring shines upon them.

As we celebrate revitalization, let us remember how fortunate we are to share in the vibrancy of our congregationís children. Our love for them is sure and constant, be it when they are highly charged by chocolate and jelly beans, or when the post sugar-crash inevitably comes. We pray for children everywhere, that they might know this same unconditional love and the vitality that it brings.

On this day, as we talk of second chances, let us remember to be open to reconciliation and forgiveness. Let us pray for the resolution of conflict, both within ourselves and in the world at large.

Let us turn our thoughts to all those who live in places of war, violence, and unrest, and pray that they may live in freedom and safety.

This is a day filled with exultation. Help us carry this Easter joy with us as we journey out into the world and let us honour our faith by sharing this joy with others that we meet along the way.


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