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Musicians needed!

Youth Choir: A fun and enriching musical experience for children ages 6 to early teen!

Adult Choir: new singers are invited in all sections, but most urgently in the tenor and bass sections.

Sanctuary Band: 1 drummer req'd (equipment provided), also acoustic guitar and electric/acoustic bass players.

Our Choirs offer tremendous music leadership in a congregation. Their importance cannot be overstated. Our Choirs empower, inspire, reflect a congregation's positive attitude toward the importance of music in its worship, and offer a great measure of pleasure and enjoyment, and friendship. Anyone interested in any of the above opportunities is asked to contact Ray Grant at 423-8498 or by e-mail at or in person on Sunday mornings.

Adult Choir: Thursday, 7:30 - 9:15pm. The ministry of music provided by the adult choir at St. John's United is vibrant and multi-faceted. The choir prepares anthems for the Sunday morning worship services, offering the congregation the praise and contemplation found within the music. As well, the choir serves in a leadership role with additional music in the service, such as sung responses and hymns. St John's United Church Adult Choir

Throughout the year, the adult choir participates in other musical activities, most notably Christmas and spring concerts, Holy Week services, the RCCO carol service, and fund-raising cabarets.

Part of the fun and challenge of being in the adult choir is learning and singing the wide range of music prepared through the year. From Renaissance to gospel, classical to modern, all is offered to the glory of God. Membership is open to anyone. Previous singing experience is an asset, but not a prerequisite. Please contact Ray Grant - 464-8574 or 423-8498.

Handbell Choir - Thursday, 6 - 7:15pm. St John's United Church Handbell ChoirTwo traits that are assets in bell ringing are the abilities to read the rhythmic component of music notation, and to have fun. Bell choir members share a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment after working on complicated pieces, particularly in light of the fact that the individual notes must fit smoothly together despite being played by several players.

Our Handbell Choir Performs during the 2nd Sunday in Lent, February 21, 2016.

Our Director of Music Ray Grant conducts the choir.

St John's Sanctuary Band

Sanctuary Band is an ad hoc group of musicians
including drums, flute, accoustic guitar, electric bass guitar and piano,
who play at our "less formal" Services of Worship.

Our Youth Choir Performs During the 2nd Sunday in Lent, February 21, 2016.

Our Director of Music Ray Grant conducts the choir. Piano accompaniment by Nancy Nelson.

St John's United Church Sunday Strings
The Sunday Strings + Flute
This ad hoc ensemble of string players with flute offers an opportunity for orchestral players in our congregation to use their musical talents in our worship practises. It meets for one rehearsal prior to the Sunday Worship. New members with a reasonable degree of playing ability are welcome.

St. John's United Church Scholarship for the Performing Arts:
Several years ago a fund was established to honor Ray Grant and his contribution to music in the Church and to the community at large. To date this fund totals approximately $3,600 and will be used to grant scholarships to studies in the Performing Arts. A committee has been established to oversee the review and selection of applications for scholarships. The scholarship is usually $400.00.

Applications and guidelines for a scholarship from The St. Johnís Scholarship For The Performing Arts are available from the Church Office and must be returned not later than July 31st for possible award in mid September. The scholarship application will be open to members of St. Johnís Church or resident children of parents/ grandparents who are members or adherents. A Sunday in the early fall is planned to announce the award and to solicit additional contributions to the Fund.

Ray, Judy amd Jim

Music Director Ray Grant (centre) was recognized on May 3, 2015 for his exemplary leadership and lasting legacy in music ministry for the Congregation and for the broader United Church of Canada. Pictured with Ray are wife Judy Grant and Chair of the Official Board Jim Sharpe.

Ray Grantís Lasting Legacy as Minister of Music at St Johnís United Church

As a tribute for more than forty years of dedication and service to St Johnís United Church in Halifax, Music Director Ray Grant was recognized on May 3, 2015 for his exemplary leadership and lasting legacy in music ministry for the Congregation and for the broader United Church of Canada. As Minister of Music, Mr. Grant has inspired many individuals and transformed the spiritual life of the Congregation of St Johnís United Church.

Ray was involved with the church since his early days in Cape Breton. He was baptized at Knox United in Glace Bay and sang in the Youth Choir there. He played the organ at the United Baptist Church while still a high school student. After graduating from the Nova Scotia Teacherís College in 1967, he taught school in Sydney River, Cape Breton for 2 years and was organist at Warden United Church in New Aberdeen.

After completing his studies in Music at Dalhousie University in 1972, Ray taught in the Dartmouth City Schools Music Department, and was Organist/Choir Director and Sunday School Superintendent at Grace United Church in Dartmouth. Ray also sang as bass soloist in three Halifax churches, St Paulís Anglican, First Baptist, and St Johnís United. After Ruth Lawley retired as organist at St Johnís in 1976, Ray was hired to fill her position, and he and his family have been members of St Johnís ever since.

ďI donít think of myself as just the Director of Music at St. John's United, but also as a working member of the congregation. My interest in the life of the congregation has led me to do more than to simply help create a Sunday Morning experience. Fellowship and fundraising events have played a large part of my time here. Cabarets, concerts and dinners have been a source of great pleasure as I try to foster the talent so prevalent in this church community.Ē
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